20 of The Worst Indie Artist Mistakes - Part 2

Last week we discussed in an article the 10 worst mistakes independent artists are making in today’s music industry.  Following up from that here are an additional 10 mistakes to watch and consider avoiding:

11.  You don’t consider your music a product
This is a mistake that many upcoming artists make as they feel they need to prove something to be heard by giving away everything for free.  While this can help expose you to a market and can help promotions, until think of yourself as a product/brand, nobody else will!

12.  You sabotage yourself
Do not worry!  Everyone makes mistakes it’s a part of growing.  Do not get strung up on this if you hit a bump in the road.  You will get rejected, it’s a part of life… get over it!  Keep moving forward and don’t make excuses.  Think of how many of the greats today were initially rejected when trying to pursue their craft. 

13.  You’re too sensitive for constructive criticism
The sooner that you realize that not everyone is trying to put you down the faster you will grow!  You would be surprised to know how many superstars today were schooled by their labels when they first put out their products.  Just be professional and learn it will help out in the long run.  It’s better to stay quiet and listen rather than cause an argument, especially if the criticism is coming from a potential fan!  Listen and learn and build!

14.  You’re listening to the wrong people, the haters
It is common nature that when someone gains momentum, people who they often don’t know will try to put you down.  Get used to this and just remember its only because you are doing what they can’t!

15.  You haven’t defined your lane
There are some many “sub genres” in today’s music industry, no wonder it’s so hard for artists to pick one.  We try at times to write many. Note that your following needs one lane to connect to!  Pick a style you are strong and comfortable with and stick to it.  Now I’m not saying it’s not good to diversify yourself but starting off you need to build that connection as a brand.  Get some traction first and then expose yourself to other lanes down the road. 

16.  Your live shows frankly suck
Nothing is more disappointing than seeing an artist who writes great hit songs not able to deliver live. 

17.  You’re not capitalizing on live shows
Take a break from social media and realize that today’s market in music lies in one area.  E-mail addresses and endless content.  You should at every show collect at least 30-50 new e-mail addresses and have constant video footage from these shows.  Whether it be backstage, with fans, or just the performance itself.  Move your product from the stage when you are finished as well!  Get out there and connect with new fans. 

18.  You put way too much stock in Reverbnation and your number spot
No one gives a crap if you are ranked number in bumbletown Missouri for the genre of scibbity bop hop.  Those numbers mean nothing! Your number one ranking in your town and 2.50 can buy you a cup of coffee remember that… but how are you getting paid through your songs?

19.  You don’t know what the hell you’re doing on Twitter
Twitter is one of the greatest tools for musicians and artists today!  You can literally find 100s of new potential fans by entering a search for people who are at this moment looking for new music to listen to!  This is target/niche marketing at its finest.  When done correctly you should be constantly growing at least 50-100 new followers every day.  Once you get up to 10k think of how many people you are going to drive to your website!

20.  You still think it’s about music and not marketing
I have two words for you… Chief Keef.  Now believe me it’s great when we make a hit record and nothing feels better, but if it were about the music wouldn’t we all technically be listening to the radio still.  Think about that…  Without marketing remember nobody will care about your music because they’ve never heard it!
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