5 Steps To Thinking Like Your Brand

We all hear this word over and over again and not many of us know what it really means and how to do it effectively.  That word is “branding”.  The development of towards the digital business environment had made this much more important for artists now days in the music industry.  Music is not enough today anymore in the digital age, you’ve really got to consider the visual identity associated with your music, believe me it will help you tremendously as an artist and help you grow in more ways than you can imagine.  Here are 5 simple steps to take that will have you start to think as a brand rather than an artist:

1. Audiences are more fragmented then ever
In the business world success as an artist is usually linked through a business analysis of your audience as cash transactions focusing on the consumption rather than the reception.  So what if someone listens to your music id does not generate income often at times.  Do yourself a favor and understand networked communication ruin the traditional concept of your audience and replaces it by countless sets of limited variety.  Media of mass communication is less mass-oriented therefore you stand out for the ever more fragmented fans of your music and this is the only really way to create a simple enough message for them to understand.  That is your brand of course.  In other words target specifically who you want to listen to your music and who supports your genre. 

2. People buy themselves
If you understand this I guarantee you will be more successful.  People in today’s world have an abundance of choices and therefore have to compare and contrast constantly signifiers of brands.  Signifiers are the value to the listener, more precisely the emotional value.  People consume products that signify the self.  They do not consumer your music; they consume your brand that in the process creates their own identity they relate to!

3. Emotional loyalty is your ultimate power source
As mentioned previously people consume music that signifies themselves.  They are willing to see that music to gain more attention.  Your brand should have a meaningful message that fans want to attach themselves with and never let go.
4. Create an identity for everything your music connects to
I mean everything including but not limited to production, rhythms, chords, lyrics, videos, website, social media, cover arts, collaborations, outfits, stage presence, mobile apps, etc.  Create a symbol and short message that signifies you and remember the deeper the meaning of that message the more successful you will be in creating an emotional attachment with fans.

5. Music does matter
However important branding is the music still succeeds this.  First make sure your music is good and do not start focusing on branding until you are sure it’s good!   An artist with a great message but not the product to back it up well… just doesn’t make sense.
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