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5 Steps To Thinking Like Your Brand 

We all hear this word over and over again and not many of us know what it really means and how to do it effectively.  That word is “branding”.  The development of towards the digital business environment had made this much more important for artists now days in the music industry.  Music is not enough today anymore in the digital age, you’ve really got to consider the visual identity associated with your music, believe me it will help you tremendously as an artist and help you grow in more ways than you can…Read more

Collaborations - They Do Help 

When it comes down to writing songs the idea of collaboration holds a very wide spectrum of beliefs.  Artists may love it, hate it, advise it, or go against it.  The reason being is that every individual has their own unique writing process and thus working with someone else can either greatly amplify that process or hinder it. This does not argue the fact that some of the most amazing music have consisted of collaborations, and you might be asking yourself why is this process of working with another so…Read more