Collaborations - They Do Help

When it comes down to writing songs the idea of collaboration holds a very wide spectrum of beliefs.  Artists may love it, hate it, advise it, or go against it.  The reason being is that every individual has their own unique writing process and thus working with someone else can either greatly amplify that process or hinder it. This does not argue the fact that some of the most amazing music have consisted of collaborations, and you might be asking yourself why is this process of working with another so effective?   Let’s take a look into the 5 main benefits that come from working with another artist, songwriter, or even producer. 

1.  Opportunity, see the world from another’s perspective
Every artist and songwriter has their own unique writing process when it comes to their work.  Sometimes these work very well or other times they could use improvement or suggestions.  By collaborating with artists of similar or different style it is an excellent way to get another view to how someone approaches the same song, and possibly even make improvements to your own approach.  Adopt some of the techniques the next time you work with someone and try them out!

2.  What is hard for you might be easier for others
Have you ever come to the point when you’re writing a song and just draw a blank?  We all know writers block and we all hate it.  This could come in when it pertains to writing a specific verse, chorus, bridge, intro, or even outro.  Turning to others in the writing process can help!

3.  The opportunity to explore other writing styles outside your genre
As we mentioned earlier every artist has their own process when it comes to songwriting.  Very much goes the same when it comes to style and sound.  Working with another artist can help you to see things in a different light.  You may even try new things that will give you a completely new sound thus expanding on your overall market!

4.  Your chance to be critiqued before it’s too late
We must all admit… that hit song we thought we once wrote might not have been viewed the same way to our audiences.  Critiquing your work is one of the most important steps in the songwriting process and quite frankly we all toot our own horn and this is very difficult for us to do.  Working with another songwriter brings in a new set of eyes to our work and brings in the opportunity to openly discuss ideas about tweaking the song. 

5.  Having fun
We all know that many artists prefer to write themselves as often our work is deeply personal in many different forms.  There is no doubt that collaborations are exciting.  Working with others grants the opportunity to piggy back off each other’s excitement and reflect that in energy of the music!
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