Hip Hop Society's April Member of The Month - LB The Emcee

With the rage all over the underground hip-hop community regarding the lack of "reach" organic posts Jesse Nolan has created a membership community that will solve all issues, while providing members the opportunity to network and grow with like minded individuals.  Hip Hop membership blogs always create an exciting opportunity for viewers, admins, and members to discover something new! 

Hip-Hop Society provides a unique twist covering news aspects from both the underground and mainstream hip hop scenes and creating a close community for its members with some special perks just for joining!  Artists can even check out local opportunities for gigs within their area! 

Check out some of LB The Emcee's exclusive work as their featured member of the month for April & join the community today at www.hip-hopsociety.com!  Whether you're a fan or artist, there's something for you.

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