7 Ways To Double Your Fan Base

1.  Every single fan must on average generate at least one new fan
To double or triple the size of your fan base every one of your current fans must on average introduce your music to some of their friends who will also take the same action.  The larger number of new fans each fan introduces your music to the quicker your fan base will grow.

2.  Build video content & marketing on Youtube
The importance of this is to generate quality over quantity.  One of the best ways to increase your presence on Youtube is to produce quality music videos – or video content – that will accumulate ‘shares’ around your fans social network.  Think of how many ‘youtube’ celebrities are out there.

3.  Incentivizing your fans to share your music using FanDistro
FanDistro is a unique marketing tool that helps out artists to spread their music virally on the web.  Basically it allows you to reward your fans with free downloads, merch, or other times when the get X amount of their friends on Facebook to download or share your music (‘distroing’).  An example is that you can set up a reward where your fans will get a free t-shirt if they introduce your music to 20 of their friends who become new fans. 

4.  Gigging
A lot of artists are so caught up in the digital world they forget the importance of actually getting out there and performing live shows.  Even if this is just as local open mics or small venues, no online tool can complement the personal interaction you have with potential fans from performing live and in person. 
Not all gigs are created equal and as an artist we must remember that.  Smart artist and musician’s know the difference between a gig, and a show where you are just playing for other artists who are also looking to perform.    Work on the gigs that have best impacted you on networking and building fans.

5.  Market with your current fans through merchandise
This is one of the best ways to passively market yourself, especially if you’re from a small town.  Take away from the mindset that merchandise should be a quick way to make a buck off a fan and see it more as a way to permanently market yourself for years to come. 
Imagine a bigger name artist is coming to perform locally at your hometown.  Imagine how many people will come out to see that act. Gather round a bunch of friends or fans and get them wearing your merchandise and attend that show! If everyone is matching you will definitely help generate some passive buzz.  This works best if the artist who’s in the area is the same genre as you are!

6.  Re-invest profits & advertise yourself
This is an alternative route to take from the aforementioned having every fan generate a new one for you.  This is not as affordable but if done correctly its highly effective especially when you target your audiences according.  Here are some of the best online advertising options I’ve worked with personally:
  • Facebook Advertising – You must do your homework prior to going this route!  If done correctly you will have amazing results in your campaign.  Never use a third party to set up your ads… they are completely bs and give you little to no control over who you are targeting.  To get the most out of your ad campaign customize it to target only the users newsfeed and make sure to segment your audience.  I will write a follow up article on some great examples later.
  • Jango Airplay (Now Radio Airplay) – I haven’t used this tool in quite a few months but trust me an initial investment of $20 can pay off especially when you know you’ve got a hit.  Basically this is an online radio station where you pay for spins.  You segment alongside what artists you are similar to and will be played alongside them in regular rotation.  Campaigns must be set up by the month (for example purchase 200 spins for the month, it will renew on the start of the next onth but you can cancel ongoing payments anytime).  When independent artist are played listeners are notified to rate their songs.  If your song scores above an 80 for the week guess what, you win FREE PLAY CREDITS.  I once had a song I purchased 100 spins on and won pack 5x my initial investment because it ranked over a 90 every week.  Try this out for a month and see where it gets you.  Also new listeners that become fans have the option of sharing their email addresses.  You can also inbox new fans directly as well as keep track of who has listened to your music.  Jango links with facebook so you will see these are real listeners! 
These are just a few options out there and believe me there are many more.  There is an old expression however The hardest place to sell a book is a in a bookstore.  This applies the same for the music industry, the hardest place to promote and sell your music is on a music platform and this is because of the fact you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of others out there doing the same thing you are. 

6.  Leveraging other people’s audiences
This relates to what I mentioned earlier about merch as being a potential for reaching larger audiences and not just a quick cash in.  Play the field in your market and genre of music.  Do song covers live, collaborate with other artists, make remixes of hit songs (make sure you’re a game is brought here however)… all of these ideas are great ways to have your music introduced to fans of others.
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