Twitter vs. Facebook - Which Is Better?

I’d like to dig into the depths of social media and explore the much created controversy among independent artists today regarding platforms to promote their music.  Which is better, Twitter or Facebook? Ultimately you should be utilizing both to engage your audiences but this article will take a deeper look into comparing the two platforms.  Each have their own strengths and weaknesses and when it comes to actually marketing music, Twitter is the better platform and way more superior. 

1.  Twitter allows the reach of a wider audience
Hey remember that last Facebook post you made that only had 63 out of your 1000 something followers see… none of that exits with Twitter!  Yeah that right… no Edgerank or whatever the hell that algorithm is called that limits your posts.

Twitter has no limitation.  Each time you tweet, your post is seen by all of your followers currently viewing the twitter feed.  Guess what that re-tweet you just got is going to be seen by all of that followers followers who are on their feed as well… NO LIMITATIONS!
Facebook however only shares your update with a broader audience when it’s liked, commented on or shared.  Only a handful of your engagers see that.  On top of that if your posts get no engagement they hurt your future posts of similar context.  With Twitter simply rephrase your updated and tweet it again, everyone on the feed will see it!

2.  Fan engagement
Twitter if used correctly is far more engaging than Facebook.  It creates a more personal and interactive experience.  The kind of interactions that show your followers you’re an actual person.The aim on marketing music today is not just on building your fan base but to create personal relationships with those fans that will turn them into super fans.  Twitter encourages this one-on-one relationship much more than Facebook. 

3.  Facebook costs more
Since Facebook has become public, love it or hate it, they are looking for revenues and often business pages suffer from this.  In order to grow your audience you have take out ads and spend time writing ads that will draw new listeners and convert that ad into something eye catching.  Most artists today are not marketers… nor do we want to waste time on this stuff.  What’s even worse is that now we’ve invested in taking out an ad, we more than likely have to promote posts to engage those new followers.Now with Twitter, there are relatively inexpensive (or free) third party tools that will help you grow for next to the cost of nothing.  This is why music marketers love twitter and stress artists to be active on this platform.  Promotion costs next to nothing for gaining new fans to your page!

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