914's Most Doubted Announced  

LB The Emcee announces his first upcoming studio project 914's Most Doubted, a 10 track studio EP depicting all struggles and doubts he's faced as an underground hip hop artist.  The project will be a available for FREE download to all members of his mailing list quarter 3 of 2015.  Continue reading for full track list and details about the project.

All songs on the project were mixed and mastered by LB The Emcee himself spending countless hours bouncing tracks back and forth to capture an amazing commercial sound quality. The album contains production from Atomic Beats, Sound Trick Productions, Ice From SXM, The Unbeatables, VTZ, Hollywood Legend Productions, AllRounda Productions and Vybe Beatz to create an alternative hip hop feel that is guaranteed to have something for everyone.  Features on the project include Dubbs, Fudge & Intelligentz.  See below for the full track list:
01.  Dont Doubt It (Feat. Intelligentz) [Produced by Atomic Beats]
02.  I Need A Hero [Produced by Hollywood Legend Productions]
03.  Live For Nothing (feat. Dubbs) [Produced by Allround Productions]
04.  Limitless [Produced by The Unbeatables]
05.  Carry On [Produced by Ice From SXM]
06.  Be Someone (Feat. Dubbs) [Produced by Atomic Beats]
07.  Screams Inside [Produced by VTZ]
08.  Brighter Days [Produced by Sound Trick Productions]
09.  What I've Built [Produced by Vybez]
10.  Who's Laughing Now (Feat. Fudge) [Produced by Atomic Beats]

Hip Hop Society's April Member of The Month - LB The Emcee 

With the rage all over the underground hip-hop community regarding the lack of "reach" organic posts Jesse Nolan has created a membership community that will solve all issues, while providing members the opportunity to network and grow with like minded individuals.  Hip Hop membership blogs always create an exciting opportunity for viewers, admins, and members to discover something new! 

Hip-Hop Society provides a unique twist covering news aspects from both the underground and mainstream hip hop scenes and creating a close community for its members with some special perks just for joining!  Artists can even check out local opportunities for gigs within their area! 

Check out some of LB The Emcee's exclusive work as their featured member of the month for April & join the community today at www.hip-hopsociety.com!  Whether you're a fan or artist, there's something for you.

"Dark Reflections" Official Music Video - DFUOB#6 

Funk Volume is back this year with their annual Don't Fu[$]k Up Our Beats" Rap Contest and this year LB's shot and directed his first music video for an entry.  Check out his two sense behind the song: 

"I've made a lot of changes over the past year and I wanted to shed light on a whole other side of me that a lot of people never really get a chance to see or know, even for those who even know me best.  I've struggled a lot lately behind the scenes in my music career, dealing with a lot of issues. More or less this song is to just bring some of those things to light" ~ LB The Emcee

Public voting opens up on March 10th, go check out the official video below & don't forget to subscribe for more updates! 


LB The Emcee Live in Manhattan March 6th 

With the rising anticipation of his upcoming album 914's Most Doubted, LB The Emcee will be returning to the stage Thursday March 9th along side Talent Tonight.  This event is sure to bring you some of the hottest underground talent in the tri-state area along with many other surprises!  Purchase and advance ticket today and get entered into a FREE Laptop raffle as well as receive a FREE signed pre-release of 914's Most Doubted!

Click Here for event and ticket info!  - Make sure to enter LB The Emcee in the "Where Did You Hear of Us" section!


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