Been A Long While

It's been a long while now let me speaks something
Arraigned through them trials being judged mean mugged
And I claimed up a style gotta show he's buzzing 
Ya'll are so in denial like my flow be up and 
And I stuck to the course like a grade A pup and 
Graduated to the top honor roll he's busting
Down up on a spot like a old mess coming
Spar ten up on the clock I could go 300
Take yah best shot nigga show me something
I devour up the beef carnivore be munching 
In the art of war I could go teach what's in 
All coming up in store but before ya'll leak in
Let me take a second to go and thank in as I rake in
In and all of my neglect and had to turn it to perfection
As I go and reckon all the beats I hit to stepping 
I'm just somewhat now obsessing over music what a blessing
Looking back to the sheets in the past that I reaped
I ain't mad cause they weak cause through practice I seeped
Passion to heap and moved passed as they sleep 
See my actions were bleak but they vast so I leap 
Taking in account I don't go for second guessing
No phoning on a friend life a line what's the question
Why's it so absurd at this age that I'm stressing 
As I'm knocking 30's door and I don't now wanna let in
All this anger and pride I contained up inside 
But this Jekyll to the Hyde is all somewhat now obliged
As they coincide to I battle or hide put a mask to disguise but alas I've devised
Out another plan I mastered up the scripture
Flow paint a verbal picture that's word a yo to literature
Used to keep the blow on the low flipping piff up 
But that was just the old yo in time I had to give up
I surpassed all projectors through the tasks and the pressure
In contrast to the lecture these are facts no conjecture 
Judging don't object though as the odds I went against bro
Put my mind into the test yo better give him in respect so
Take up in a seat go hit shuffle or repeat 
As I'm remixing a beat back to business his technique
Of flow has been refined and perfected up through time
Oh the schemes it took to rhyme and empowered up my mind
Please though keep in mind I ain't ask for a dime
When in battered I climb and react in sublime
That is just the sole definition of a grind
It's my duty not wine but yea making me confine
Back into that loner with a chip up on his shoulder
That's the size of now a boulder couldn't move it with an ogre
Now the game is over let's continue on to hold up
All doubting I control up and I'm counting on yah fold up
Spitting on the critical and never not subliminal
The shit you plays predictable bars for days I get at you
Praising oh so cynical investing pays residual
This I'll lay out visible it's best to make original
Flow on with the patterns and attack a snare that batters
Heavy bass builds up the ladders hi hats off to all that matters
Become up now a symbol that's a piece so instrumental
Kicking off to go assemble and produce another single
They say you gotta mingle in this game it's now the lingo
But out numbered like in bingo feel the rush and oh the tingle
Testing like placebos all in place oh where will he go 
Altering up in his ego for the win he go stratego
Off I'm busting bars playing breakout in this game
As I lock up in a target and go set off with the AIM
That's a only reference 80's babies might obtain
Ain't talking about a messenger when Im's up in your dame
I entice them all the same so precise and what a shame
My advice to all you lames so in quiets now acclaimed 
If you gonna show not a fight in for your name 
Then it's lightning I'm a reign and go storm up on you man
Excuse me what's the matter as I flip the words I batter
Rhyming words all the like the latter sounding off now pitter patter 
As I'm chasing after making haste all for the glamour 
Well that's another factor going off the chitter chatter
I'm a don in this game you's a pawn what a shame
So involved yes I am from the bars to the gains
Going hard like I've trained up a mob from the tame
All ya'll just go refrain from any type of change, yeah

I'm back to business yah heard 
Let's go
Cut the tape