Get To Know Me

For those of ya'll who never gave me the chance

Falling back into this game I think it's time they get to know me
I was gone up for a minute tired living life a slowly
Woe is me kept this fire and desire so reap
Tired me never cause in work I don't sleep
I used to claim a wifey now I'm single of the year
Oh le contraire loving I can mingle anywhere
Better yeah severed yeah  and got these models everywhere
And they all down whatever rocking Highly Humble yeah
Got this game up on in smash and any beat I slay I kill
Flowing bomb dialect ya see the homie keep a skill
For the thrill I'll conceal tell me never need a will
I know I'm on to something let me show what the deal
See my team on the gleam popping bottles on the scene
So serene kind of keen lucid living like a dream
Not obscene cause we been always up and on to things
Honestly its nothing cause this grindings in our genes
My specs changed up gotta hold the bar I pillar
Always one ahead see the comp to me is nil uh
Walking with the dead call'em Michael Jackson thriller
My vision all embedded (in bed) like I rest no never chill uh
Next phase up you see the king I hold the crown 
Hold it down for my town mostly doubted all around
I astound with the nouns verbal mixing on the sounds
And now I got they interest kind a like I go compound
You useless ain't a boss, we cut from different cloths
You seeming kind a lost Peter Pan now that boy off
My hopes to get across in this vision I endorse
I school'em with course let me show you up the source
914's up on my back yeah my city where we at
Went from king of pumping packs to a ring of just dope acts
Kicking facts on the tracks living vision I protract
And I got'em all jumping you would think they workin jacks
I switched the game up and no one else could do it realer
No filter on the kid kind a like I lack distiller
I got a lot to make up I ain't talking like concealer
Gone I was too long and I'm a show y'all up the deal uh
Let me now confess my devil rockin on the mic
No contrite through the plight I don't need now no a light
I got my sight on this hype best believe I'm taking flight
And I'm knowing not a limit I don't keep it all finite
They try to hold me back and I be snapping so elastic
It's drastic a tactic I'll put on charismatic  
In fact it attracted the groupies by the masses
Lead up now a passage my right to act a massive
What now other team now truly got up what we started
Hate up was the theme highly humble but cold hearted
Used to laying off a scheme so unruly when we plotted
But now we doin'em things shout'em out to those supported
They told me go go get'em and I'm all in on it frantic
But they don't know what hit'em kid I see'em all in panic
Not your normal driven hidden down I'm sort of manic
True to what I'm living even though I never planned it 
I'm back into the business so let's welcome in the old me
Falling back into the divots underneath the ground that scorn me
Spit it how I live it never not a word that's phony
So quit it on the lyrics you ain't about that life now homie
Come get to know me