He's Back...

It's time they take the dog up out the muzzle
Told ya'll I was coming back
What they thought I lost it?

They say a time's killed just a moment wasted
 I guess I lost track of this clock I'm facing
Seconds to the minutes maybe hours of pacing
I done ran so manly laps up in my mind just racing
And I could feel the tension slowly building up
And drew all my attention from the will and such
And you could feel the rush as I deal'em flush
And I'm a show up all my haters how I changed up shush!
From slanging on the corner orders harboring 
Up always second to the guessing who's a friend or kin
And I defend my sin the cures medicine
Homies back into the business of just menacing
Now you could bet it all or go small and see
As I'm knocking out the bids but no auction geez
I just taunt the siege as they gawk at me is 
Bout that time to do like Jerry and just chase the cheese
If I could take the time tick tock it back 
And rearrange up in the hand I was dealt was crap
Would there be hell to pass well I done felt its wrath
And put the pedal to the medal and it's off the gas
In a rose tinted world but the glass is thin
I got foes with throws stones battering
And although I do suppose it's a tragic end
I'm a bust up out my mic but no magic damn
And I could spit a flow slow fast in speed
And go hard with the punches duck jab and weave
Or maybe tell a story through the rhymes and keys
Well come on now little kiddies round gather please
You about to feel the wrath of a cynic in a minute
Throw it up and go bulimic let's just cause an epidemic
And I got'em for a minute now pondering
How'd he step up in the game now prospering
And empty with the glass half filled it up 
With every moment that I grab kid kills it yup
And I fulfilled enough but never filled its tough
And as yah swallow up that pill his will erupts
Now you could name the time town block or place
And I'm a bring yeah I bring just to win at this race
And I'm a show my face there ain't no dodging fates
These hooks and lines sink all I needs the bait
There ain't no debate these skill surmise 
And although I sit at home nil willed at times
This flow I gotta flow can't cease the rhyme
And bring me back into the business of just speaking mines
Now I got another minute to inhibit up and rivet 
But now no it's not a gimmick every lyric that I live it
And I don't mean now to base this wills of mine 
Purely up and on the fact I bring chills to spines
But now the breaks over better recess wait
Better take up in account that I access states
Now I never was a beggar even when there's fate
All going against the grain scrape up cheddar grate
I'm in a manic state and oh man its great
But now once I go snap it's bananas apes
Well let me go alas go and fill my plate
Is it all too much to ask for a moments sakes
To go and cease the rhyme and through the years defined
Up in a soul that's grown cold though appearing fine
Oh it unfolds unsheathing binds
I suppose I must hold and through weathered times 
I'm a break up in now up and outta this phase
I done held it all in and in bottled the rage
Another rhyme down no scrap up the page
Oh it's fine that line now yo that one could stay
And I done hit another pivot didn't plan it wait
I been done with all my battles I'm accepting fate
Gone I was too long missed a moments pace
But now I'm back into the business
God damn its great