Reminiscent Present

Figured this be kind of a good starting point
You ready, uh, check it

Remember back'em days stirring cooking up the recipe
Looking over shoulders who the fuck was ever there for me
Throw that all away glad bags they stack indefinitely 
With garbage on my mind swearing that'll be the death of me
Left that all behind yeah that's right I am abandoning 
Just like father time moving right along no straggling 
Came up from a grind oh my past I don't oppress from it
There's so much on my mind gotta write off to reflect on it
Now it may just seem that I'm focused on the best of me
Avoiding on the DA's but there's still a lot of questioning
Can't I just now live no more drama all assembling
In God I can forgive but now why yah always testing me
Envisioned up a dream now to see the bigger picture
They say I'm good with words so I paint it with a scripture
Won't go now unheard so I suggest you as a listener
Keep this all in mind as I go off with my gift bro
Good I hear it comes back to those who do good too
But now dog I ain't no saint but my ways I've changed up true
From standing out in rain hustled winters cold and blue
Oh to slaying now in vain all these beats and I love what I do
This is just the start of in a journey to the mountain top
Introducing hey but wait until that album drop
Worth 100K yeah I used to like to floss a lot 
Now I'm into things see grown men don't like to talk a lot
Had to switch up lanes learning silence was the treatment
When you dine in public they can see just how you eating
Dogs is growing hungry can't now wait to sink they teeth in
But I was never prey damn yah right I kept'em leashed in
Eighteen years of age looking back at all acquired
Streets I filled with rage backline wishing I retired
They feel me in the game hustle swagger all admired
Till they said my name locked me up from my empire
Hold up wait a minute ya'll though I was finished
I done just got started ain't now half of my shit vented
Pray for me tomorrow cause in today I made a killing 
And I'm fucking up this beat all like ya pussy boy I'm up in it
I'm that type a guy who rocks a tie you scrutinize get dealt
My corporate ties bring fucking eyes I'm fiending for that wealth
I schooled the game and built my name first rule now move in stealth
Cause they fucking lames they love yah caged despite now who you'll help
Yah catch me in your city slipping never man I'm polished
Been working way too hard built my guard in from that knowledge
When it comes to purp packs I'm tossing out like garbage
Ya'll just moving dirt might as well now hoe my garden
And they asked me why I do it hustled in the streets
Especially when in hounding I was college for degrees
But I noticed momma hurt when she hungry gotta eat
So I sacrificed myself yeah damn right this man achieved
And I ain't dwelling in regret to no man I'm in debt
I done came up way to strong for now holding that mindset
And I'm all about my workout so you know I love to flex
I can see it you confused off your guard it's so complex
As I'm going in so hard straight war to beats bombard
If you noticed how this so elite yeah its absurd
I done shot here from rock bottom I'm back now bitch I gott'em
There's more than meets the eye it's no surprise in how I shock'em
If you fucking break my ties then your demise will surly blossom 
So just quit that pussy shit running now to hide out possum 
As I'm flying down my lane speeding living life that's good
Proud to now all say that I just did the things that I could
Certain now for sure one now place I never stood
Man my life is like a U-haul cause I'm always on the move
It's so real now I spit I done changed my life legit
I'm done focused loco motives like my train done went bat-shit
As you walking in my steps it's almost guaranteed you slip
Cause my character in depth all got a shoe way big too fit
And these stripes you gotta earn'em nothing comes for free
I been practicing too long man these bars just come to me
And I know I'm hot as hell artists wanna feature me
I say tell'em pay-pal, cash, check deposit with the fees
Beasting what an animal hating I ain't mad at you
Now I'm back to business I'm all through with my sabbatical
My missions got a vision made provisions like'em radicals
Check that hit-point count go and see all what my damage do
I'm gone