The Return

School is now in session
Turn me up a little bit
I like the way this feels
Okay... check it.... uh huh... 
Yeah, Yeah

Verse 1:
It's the return of the phenome the dog they couldn't leash on
I told'em since I'm back theres some shit I gotta speak on
What happened to the east son why we trying to leach on
All this mumbling I can only hear the beat um
Where did all the bars go hitting kind of hard home
It's like the rap game put prohibition out we barred so
I'm gonna break this trend simmer ends up to the right lane
Taking words I play and arrange'em for this mic game
Where are all the stories, the tales of road to glory
It's for these younger folks oh man I'm feeling sorry
But I am not to worry cause I'm out that category
This is for emcees who just know all why we hungry well
Back into the business so to all those who ambitious
Let's just keep yah mic close don't go let that flow diminish
Or fall into a nimbus please excuse me let me finish
I know it's rude boy like a yardi oh so grimace
It's ours in for the take back they fouling in the games knack
Balls up in your court take a shot now just to save rap
Claiming it's evolving in laymans being robbed when
You gotta ghost write man that's death before your bars

I just don't get it man
How are they gonna take credit for what the next man say
Crazy right
Anyways...I'm going back in.. hold up... here we go
Uh huh.... yeah... yeah

Verse 2:
Here that bell sound round 2 don't try to reason 
It's been a long while what you thought this knack'll leave son
I know I parted ways for a while had to be strong
Now I'm bouncing back see sometimes I need vacations
Minds I set right like'em highs but I'm off the piff
Time to coincide my demise had all now come from it
Younging on the rise pitching fly my love from it
Quarters twenties dimes always balling don't forget the nicks
While he's on his word play the block be going thirsty
Tired coming home seeing momma got the worst way
Trying to hold together all the pieces that ain't sturdy
That ain't no excuse man I'm owning up no mercy
To cowards who had doubted me now they look up wow to me
Ain't it all now funny how I'm laughing as they challenge me
To take a step arise reach new heights and as I write pain
I ain't now no wing but I always keep in flight gained
At times I feel a new while you struggling to restart
Like a PS2 go blue screen up on you retards
And I ain't trying to seem all the mean in while I teach art
But I'm in my means back to business we got three parts

And I don't even know if I should go do it to them man
This is just part one right here and I was told I had to go slow on them
Feel me... well okay... I'm going back in... final round
Uh huh, yeah, yeah

Once upon a time in a journey not too long ago 
There was a boy peep lil younging ain't now have a flow
Cool he was to keep and by that I mean a temp below
Now he dove in deep turned his back and always acting cold
No wonder why they wonder was his hunger like no other
Put now that up on my mother going in now like I sunder
In diving out my slumber gotta make the time no squander
Cause prizes I now plunder no surprise I'm falling under
Neath the spells sedation so long I've kept'em waiting
It's in now that duration I've worked on a fixation
Even through some travesty I pulled away like gravity 
But business to I'm back and yeah see this is my reality
Prepare now for the making of a product that's so blatant
And no longer am I latent sleeper cell he has awakened
Virtues of the patient in my right I am now placing
Five star to the rating like a blood up out the vein and
Taking back all by this rush forgot now how it feels and such
To go appeal the midas touch and break a leg ain't gotta crutch
Now this game I gotta crush but not like that of lovers mush
Even though sometimes I blush to meet a beat and make it hush

Can I please get a moment of silence now

Thank you