Who Is He

Was you ever all in I'm calling about that life
While I'm trying to do numbers hit up doubles nice
See me now its magic oh yah look to twice
Up and in and out of state as yah minds fooled right
Gott'em always asking who is he and how far he'd go
I'm giving out this freebie one up like Mario
That's another CD in stock so the money grows
Odds I'm gonna beat these luck is like my lady yo
Now I gotta treat these fans all like they family so
I'm dishing out the greet me's sign and dine but damn it yo
I just wanna chill breeze back into that relaxing no
They ain't gotta feel me lacking the fact I gotta flow
But I'm gonna prove out from and whence and worth I came
That I'm coo-coo oh so crazy yeah he's loco and derranged
Swerving through the traffic never local switching lanes
Bumping heavy with the medal, hip hop, bass into the brain
How I love to meddle like a child playing games
Never caught up if you slipping in a pinch don't say a name
That's the kind of shit that fills your dogs up in with shame
And disloyalty in pups is now worthless what's became
Of this foiled don when I'm back in now to bomb'em
Disarm'em harm'em brewing in my cauldron
Ways in which to swarm'em I'm keeping cool and calm when
Blazing through the storm end like watchers I'm reporting
Out into the public man this music shit I love it
So in tune with all the ruckus making moves all like my truck is
Packing U-haul but its back review all
Of the facts I spewed raw keep in tact a few drawn
As I racked and grew horns deviled up a new born 
To attach consume all and attack like pew-bong  I just need a clue bomb
Yeah, told you it's not a game man.... uhhh
A pyro with the pen spitting fire dragon
while you slacking draggin I just mourn up to your end
I know it's been a while you ain't heard about the trials
Tribulations had me riled but in fact there's no denial
I'm back for now a minute shinning light I got a nimbus
So to all ya'll bearing witness go and squad in for the scrimmage
Going in real vivid see this shit I really live it 
Never once was there a gimmick or illusion with my image
Proving in the digits while ya'll shorting talking midgets
With the work I cut the bridges as they acting all suspicious
Loose yourself diminish cat a copy like a mimic
Man I told you ain't finished I'm just back into the business
Let's go